UPBA Member Recognition Awards Program

We are proud to announce the addition of an Awards Program to UPBA! The purpose is to acknowledge and encourage the success of UPBA members’ poodles working in all UKC venues.

To qualify for an award, the Poodle must
  • Have permanent UKC registration upon completion of a UKC title.
  • Owned by a current member of the UPBA
  • All owners must be in good standing with the UKC at the time of application for the award.

All UKC venues that are eligible for participation by poodles are acceptable.
Awards will be granted for each level of qualification within a venue.
Photocopies of the official title certificate will be utilized as proof of qualification and must be mailed to the recognition committee with a completed application indicating your choice of award (in the case of current titles achieved).

We are also offering retroactive awards which will be those earned after the date that UPBA was officially accepted by the UKC. To be eligible for a retroactive award, the owner must be a current member of UPBA and have been a member of UPBA when the title(s) was earned. Retroactive awards are limited to one per poodle, but may list all titles earned during the period.

The awards will consist of:

  • Mention in the UPBA newsletter (with photo if provided)
  • Inclusion on an Honors page on the UPBA webpage
(only highest level attained would be listed – for example only one listing for a Grand Championship, rather than a listing for a Championship and a Grand Championship). In other UKC venues, the same applies: only the highest level attained would be listed.

Ongoing awards: Certificate suitable for framing or a rosette – at the choice of the applicant.
Retroactive Award: Certificate

The presentation of awards will be made at a UPBA sponsored event. Awards will also be mailed at the discretion of the board. For the initial year, 2009, retroactive awards will be mailed and current year awards will be presented at our Fall Show, then mailed if the owner is not present.

Award applications and title certificate copies may be mailed to:

Sue Dearholt
1929 Van Buren Ave SE
Bemidji, MN 56601

or scanned and emailed to:
patsy508@paulbunyan.net .
Please include a picture for the newsletter and web page.