About UPBA

The United Poodle Breeds Association exists to promote the "total poodle". We strive to advance the best interests and welfare of purebred Poodles and Standard Poodles and to bring their natural qualities to perfection through versatility in performance and careful breeding.
UPBA is not in competition with any other dog organization, nor does the Association seek to duplicate the efforts of other organizations.

The objectives of the United Poodle Breeds Association are:
  • To promote participation by Poodles and Standard Poodles in all performance activities
  • To promote conformation showing of clean Poodles and Standard Poodles displaying their natural coats
  • To educate members, U.K.C. judges, and others about our versatile breeds
  • To promote careful, informed breeding of healthy, sound, genetically diverse Poodles and Standard Poodles with breed‐specific good temperament
  • To provide a foundation for the eventual formation of a U.K.C. National Association for Poodles and a U.K.C. National Association for Standard Poodles
  • To promote U.K.C. litter registration

UPBA Code of Ethics
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Board Members

Lorraine Tayeb
Vice President
Debi Cole
Gloria Ogdahl
Membership Secretary
Nili Young
Andrea Hungerford
Past President
Eleni Stevens